Fred’s Adventures bet’s on quality above all and the main goal is to build bridges and valuable partnerships for the future.


Defines the long term objectives for Fred’s Adventures as a business:

Inspire people to find the best on them

Build value and make a difference


Always aiming for excellence, Fred’s Adventures as specific guidelines that drive the organization to sustainability and quality.

People: to be a good place to work, where people feel happy to cooperate;

Clients: help clients to grow and find their better version through the presented activities;

Partners: To build a network with the objective of creating mutual and longlasting value;

Planet: To share the message of sustainability and respect for nature so we can all enjoy as best as we can, causing the least possible impact.


Guide the actions and the behaviors of Fred’s Adventures:

Lidership: To guide the people to find the best in them, helping them to be better and more confident;

Cooperation: Enhance the colective engenuity;

Integrity: behave with transparency:

Responsability: To be responsible;

Passion: To put your mind and soul in to it;

Quality: Always aim to perfection.

The History

Being raised on a small village, Fred always had the privilege to apreciate the beauties of Nature. Since a young age he was on the woods biulding shelters with his cousins and friends or on long walks and bike rides. All this experiences awaken the explorer instinct and the will to be outdoors, leading him to a degree in Nature Sports and Active Tourism.

A pleasant coincidence took him to a project that allowed him to gather national and international experience in adventure sports events, lauching him on a life for always connected with outdoors sports and activities, more recently almost exclusivly dedicated to surfing.

One important landmark on his life was also the opportunity to be raised by his grandparents that instilled in him values and principles that are incrisingly rare in this fast-paced and crazy world.

This project comes from a dream about on of these principles: Sharing! The main objective of it all is sharing. Sharing the values and principles passed by his grandparents, sharing all the knowledge acquired through more than 20 years working experience, sharing the beauty of our amazing small country and also all his stories and experiences!

Sharing will always be the starting point to make your experience unforgetable!

“Safety on Surfing – The Complete Guide for a Safe Practice”